I’ve been sick for a few days now so I haven’t blogged.  I guess I need to stay out of the clubs – just thinking about how many germs there are in a bar is to drive you to drink. Click here 1st:

You hand your ID to the bouncer who has handled over 100 IDs so far. Now think; have you ever seen a bouncer clean his hands? So he hands you your ID coated with oil not only from his hands but everyone else’s.

If you have to open the door yourself fine, but do you wash your hands before leaning on the more than unsanitary bar and getting that drink.  Now the glasses are clean.  They have to be or the health department would put a “C” notice on the door. This means they fucked up inspection and have 30 days to fix it.  It is the same in most state, while some are just pass fail.

Anyways you have yet to wash your hands before making contact with the glass.  Your bartender does (usually).

You don’t use the napkin they handed you for anything.  You just toss it cause it just get wet on the glass.  You could have wiped your hands off with it dumb ass. Click Here!

Wait, I have a straw, you have to hold the straw to get it into you mouth at least once, least you get it in your nose. Forget about it once you’ve had a few. 

Now we get into the people around you. Who’s sick? Who’s not? Whose sick and doesn’t now it yet?

DID SOME SWEATY GUY JUST BUMP INTO ME? (Yes I think this is how I got sick).  Did I go wash up? No, I was drunk, flattered and grossed out all at once. I was not thinking about the grossness of a sweaty stranger could make me sick. I was think he was one of the people who slept with our old roommate and that the fact he slept with her was gross.

I hate being home all the time, I hope the Vocational people can help me go back to school.  It’s just taking too long.  We need to win the freaking Lotto.


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