New starts

Well Victor Emanuel was born and he’s cute. 

Dallas has a gooey ear infection. I cleaned it best I could.  I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.


I am exploring nursing schools. Galen School seems the best.  They have robots.  The admissions office made me feel welcome and told me how to save. 

Galen College of Nursing in Louisville, Cincinnati, Tampa and San Antonio

She told me to get the study guide for the PN PAX. I have to score over 50% or the whole average basically a 92 out of 180.  I will have to check Amazon for that. 

DVR Banner

I went to a vocational rehabilitation orientation. They should be able to help me I have an interview with a counselor.  Then they set you up with a plan to get you educated and back to work.

We’ll see.  I have to have faith in others for once.

I just know what every job they set me up for I will not be answering any phones.

Of course it could take up to six months to get off the waiting list (they said it might not take that long).


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