Awake early

Up at 3:33 AM could not go back to sleep.  We saw Clash of the Titans in 3-D last night. What a disaster that was.  It was like watching The Terminator, Transformers, starring your stereotypical action hero in a Greek myth told by a third grader who doesn’t have the story straight. And there it was, full of corny and  badly placed one-liners.  It left a bitter taste like and old Power Bar.  I really felt dumber for watching it.

The only good parts of the movie…

and Sam Worthington in a tunic …

Clash of the Titans (2010) Clip

Therapy was more like a conversation than therapy but I was reminded to enter the Vocational Assistance Program.  I can help me with meds, doctors and schooling.  I’ll call them on Monday. 

We also walked around Busch Gardens for a bit.  For once we did not stop for a single show or a ride.  We just walked around looking at the animals and the people. 


We also picked up an algebra workbook as it is the only thing that could cause me problems on entrance exams. My math sucks balls big time.  I just don’t get it, beside we have computers for all that.  I am not an engineer nor do I care to be one. I think it’s good to know but I’ll never use anything more complex then fractions.  I do not care why x=1.2232(-12) the answer will always be five.  That is the answer to my every algebra question in high school.


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