Life goes on

Not much has been happening since we got our cars back.  I will still need a new radiator and a tune up. hard to believe it’s got 226K miles on it. 


Just when I think my family has forgotten me Cathy calls me.  We talked for almost and hour.   Imari will be graduating in Jun and going on to USF.  That’s about 20 minutes from anywhere in Tampa Bay. 


Cher should have had her baby by now, but still no word. I’m gonna call tomorrow, maybe she had it and there are caught up in all the excitement. 

I haven’t heard from the others.  Oh well, I am not the greatest communicator in the world. 


I got my first rejection from SSD and will send it to the lawyer tomorrow.  I am also looking at going back to school for nursing.  It is what I wanted from the beginning but I listened to my mom and while I made money like she said I hated it.  I think it helped push me over the edge. Now I am unemployed and overqualified or under-qualified depending on who you ask. 

One thing I do know is, I will never answer the phone for a living, no matter how much I get paid.  i hate people and don’t want to talk to them 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Fuck that! If I can’t find anything I will apply at McDonalds or Waste Management.  


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