I think he looks better as the beast.


New starts

Well Victor Emanuel was born and he’s cute. 

Dallas has a gooey ear infection. I cleaned it best I could.  I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.


I am exploring nursing schools. Galen School seems the best.  They have robots.  The admissions office made me feel welcome and told me how to save. 

Galen College of Nursing in Louisville, Cincinnati, Tampa and San Antonio

She told me to get the study guide for the PN PAX. I have to score over 50% or the whole average basically a 92 out of 180.  I will have to check Amazon for that. 

DVR Banner

I went to a vocational rehabilitation orientation. They should be able to help me I have an interview with a counselor.  Then they set you up with a plan to get you educated and back to work.

We’ll see.  I have to have faith in others for once.

I just know what every job they set me up for I will not be answering any phones.

Of course it could take up to six months to get off the waiting list (they said it might not take that long).


My sister is finally is in labor, my other sister is going to keep me poster.

The CW messed up the sound on Vampire Diaries again.  I had to read most of it via closed captions.  At least they fixed it for Supernatural. I find it funny how they depict the angels as businessmen and politicians and the demons are usually everyday people.

LOL god shows up to talk to one of the angels and all the humans around die as their eyes explode from looking at him. At least they stick to Old Testament lore

I just saw an Olive Garden commercial and the chef was a black guy!

See Obama is doing something for the country!

Awake early

Up at 3:33 AM could not go back to sleep.  We saw Clash of the Titans in 3-D last night. What a disaster that was.  It was like watching The Terminator, Transformers, starring your stereotypical action hero in a Greek myth told by a third grader who doesn’t have the story straight. And there it was, full of corny and  badly placed one-liners.  It left a bitter taste like and old Power Bar.  I really felt dumber for watching it.

The only good parts of the movie…

and Sam Worthington in a tunic …

Clash of the Titans (2010) Clip

Therapy was more like a conversation than therapy but I was reminded to enter the Vocational Assistance Program.  I can help me with meds, doctors and schooling.  I’ll call them on Monday. 

We also walked around Busch Gardens for a bit.  For once we did not stop for a single show or a ride.  We just walked around looking at the animals and the people. 


We also picked up an algebra workbook as it is the only thing that could cause me problems on entrance exams. My math sucks balls big time.  I just don’t get it, beside we have computers for all that.  I am not an engineer nor do I care to be one. I think it’s good to know but I’ll never use anything more complex then fractions.  I do not care why x=1.2232(-12) the answer will always be five.  That is the answer to my every algebra question in high school.

Life goes on

Not much has been happening since we got our cars back.  I will still need a new radiator and a tune up. hard to believe it’s got 226K miles on it. 


Just when I think my family has forgotten me Cathy calls me.  We talked for almost and hour.   Imari will be graduating in Jun and going on to USF.  That’s about 20 minutes from anywhere in Tampa Bay. 


Cher should have had her baby by now, but still no word. I’m gonna call tomorrow, maybe she had it and there are caught up in all the excitement. 

I haven’t heard from the others.  Oh well, I am not the greatest communicator in the world. 


I got my first rejection from SSD and will send it to the lawyer tomorrow.  I am also looking at going back to school for nursing.  It is what I wanted from the beginning but I listened to my mom and while I made money like she said I hated it.  I think it helped push me over the edge. Now I am unemployed and overqualified or under-qualified depending on who you ask. 

One thing I do know is, I will never answer the phone for a living, no matter how much I get paid.  i hate people and don’t want to talk to them 8 hours a day 5 days a week. Fuck that! If I can’t find anything I will apply at McDonalds or Waste Management.  

Cat Scratch Fever


How did such a nasty infection happen?  Timmy and I have had a long debate on whether or not I appreciate him brushing my hair with his tail. My argument was “stop it you dumb fucker!” as I pushed his bum away from my head.  Timmy’s argument was “No you’re a dumb fuck for pushing on the end with claws!” and with that my huge manly hand was the victim of a drive by slashing.  Tim just walked of and looked back at me. It was if he was saying….


He didn’t mean it though.  He’s fat and he was falling, however he’s not allowed on top of the couch any more … I win


(Not to mention I have the food)

Forgot to blog again

Nothing has really happened or I’ve been depressed. Either way I forgot to blog.  We got our cars back finally.  I never thought my car could be so quiet. I shakes a bit when idling but I hope that’s just because it’s been sitting with old gas in it for a while.  It would be fucked up if I still had to pay for more repairs after spending all that money.

The bird show is coming up this Saturday, here in our backyard.  I had to get one of those portable shades because the sun is brutal in the back. 

I don’t know what to feed these people. I mean I have the general idea; burgers, spring salad, grilled chicken and the usual barbeque fare. I just want to do something more, but there are so many different opinions of what is good not to mention who is allergic to what.  To be salt and pepper are not seasoning they are just a given and a little boring.

Speaking of bird people, we were up at Dave and Deb’s last week and it was like one of those guardian things again.  I was really torn up about what paths to take now that my job is over.  I was so focused on disability that I just wasn’t thinking.  Long story short, Dave suggested I start being artistic again. Then bluntly asked what I wanted to do.  Nursing.  I think it was always nursing, I just figured it was too late. Dave assured me I wasn’t and that he’s seen older.  He also said male nurses have an easy in because they are so rare. 

Ben is still being a bit distant. I told him I was going to bed and as usual he hardly looked up at me. I was in bed for about 10 minutes before he asked what was wrong. I was very sad and didn’t know what to say. I said something, against my better judgment. I told him that he was ignoring me.  He didn’t say anything. He just turned everything off and came to bed himself. WTF.

Maybe it’s time to start getting focused and fight the extra weight these pills have helped me gain. I was getting back in shape until I started these meds then bam! 20lbs. Being sad most of the time is going to harder.  I could just stop eating all together, but to quote Chef Anne: “Brown food good!”

I am trying to keep to my schedule but my brain is just to scattered these day. I need to “stop thinking thoughts!” (Warriors of Virtue) Now that Ben is on a regular schedule I can make it a bit more concrete.  Any way I know the gods are watching cause we finally caught a break this week and I haven’t thought about death for days. I just can’t seem to focus. Maybe they are keeping me from focusing on the wrong things.