Good luck!

My check came today and it is enough to repair my car and pay for insurance and the past due payment.

See we went to get wings from Beef ‘O’ Brady’s  and fries from Five Guys.  The Rav4 had been running rough for and that night it was having no more.

It broke down and we had to get Joe to come get us. What a douche!

When he shows up he makes some comment about having to be in bed in 15 minutes. We’d been sitting there for about an hour because he wife was to busy to get off the phone and he wouldn’t answer the other line. 

Anyway my brakes had locked up (like I told Ben a few days ago) and stripped the rotors and shorted the Alternator ($1095 est.)


Ben’s car had been in the drive way for a while. Turns out he was right on that. He lost a break pad and ground the rotor ($300 est.) and needs the whole thing replaced. 

We might get a new TV as well since the on we are using is about 7 years old and we probably will only get $100 or so for it. It’s 40” but has rear projection. I still feel sad though, don’t know why I just do. 

Buffy is always good for a laugh though.

I’ve been cleaning up the house preparing for the bird show were hosting. Not my idea, but whatever, it makes Ben happy. I can just hide somewhere after i make lunch.


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