Yesterday was Megan’s birthday party.  We arrived early as the plan was for Ben and I to take Jackson to see Avatar. Well Ben was too sick; yes he is still sick, so it was just me and Jackson.


He really got into it, he even cried a little when the Marines attacks the Na’vi.  Then jumped in his seat when the animals fought back.  It was an experience that made me wish I could have kids.  He was really well behaved for a chance.  I don’t understand why kids don’t set me off when animals, grown people and the elderly drive me fucking nuts.

When Bonnie found out Ben had a fever, she gave us money to take him to the clinic inside Walgreens.  The doctor or nurse practitioner (didn’t ask) was very nice and funny.She humorously chided Ben over his smoking. I didn’t find her threatening at all.  It didn’t take long to diagnose a sinus infection and he got a script for antibiotics.


It was off to Publix where they script could be filled for free. We had to hang out for about 30 minutes.  There was nothing to do but wander.  i could not help but notice how crowded it was.  I was a bit manic but it was working to my advantage. I had to stay upbeat since Ben was feeling like crap. I didn’t need my issues overshadowing his like they usually do.


After a bit we were off to Megan’s party.  The house Ben’s sister was renting was kind of neat and deceptive.  It looked really big from the outside but was rather long and narrow inside.  The bedrooms, bathrooms and living room were average sizes but the kitchen and dinning area was very narrow. Maybe six feet across but it ran half the length of the house and had a door to the back yard. For Beth it would be great. The kids have their own yard to play in.


There were more grown up than kids. Ben and I stayed in Jackson’s. Ben needed a place to lay down and I wanted to get away from the grownups.  I play Super Smash Brothers Brawl with Jackson for a bit. All in all it wasn’t a bad day.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl – Samus VS Mario
Uploaded by Link-Garou. – Click for more console and PC gaming videos.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Tsunami that wasn’t in Hilo Hawaii.  I’m glad nothing happened but I would have like to have seem a real tidal wave. 


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