Forgot i had a blog again LOL – On my shit list

HSBC – is on my list for foreclosing and still having their automated system calling me constantly.

CitiAuto – is on my shit list for their automated system calling me every 2 hours, emailing and texting me twice a day, and hanging up when I answer. They even called me while I was talking to one of their agents. Then telling me they can lower my rate for a few months once I am current.  If I didn’t have problems getting caught up I would be talking to you dummy.

Best Buy is on my shit list. We spoke to the Car Audio Clerk and explained what kind of stereo we wanted installed and the vehicle type.  They said they could do it in a couple of hours and may need to include a kit. So I get there a little early and walk around the store for about 30 minutes. No a single person in the store spoke to me. In fact they seemed to be going out of their way to look me in the eye and walk away. When I worked for Best Buy it was “Every customer every time”. I had to walk out of the store several times as I was getting irate. I waited by the bay for 15 minute to watch the Audio clerk walk right by me and not say a word.  how the hell are you going to be 15 minutes late and not say a word. Then when you realize I was waiting for you, not apologize.  Next he tells me the stereo he said he could make work would not fit the Infinity system.  Now granted he explained the reasons it would not work in depth, why didn’t he tell me this on the phone when I asked the same questions.

Dr Kumar’s office is now on my shit list.  They still have the medical records for Prudential sitting in pending, signed off by the doctor but still sitting there. It was all I could do not to cuss the lady out. My face was burning. She put me on hold to get a supervisor when I told her it was fucking unacceptable for it to still be there for no other reason than “they have 30 days to send it” Considering it has been more than 30 days I knew I was right and immediately filled with extreme hatred. It was about 20 minutes and a call from Ben before I could call the case worker at Prudential. She was confused and a little annoyed that they were making demands of their requests and holding information. HEPA my ass, sounds more like lazy to me.  This is why I don’t like foreign doctors, the have no understanding of how Americans like to be treated and that the rule book can be changed for the better. nothing in the US is written in stone unless your in court. 


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