Rapid Cycling


OK, yesterday I was all over the place.  I started out calm, then when I went to the Salvation Army to look for blankets for out dogs. HSBC called not even 1 minute after I walked in.  I went off on the poor lady.  I don’t remember everything I said but I do remember telling her they were already foreclosing and I am contacting an attorney and not to talk to me anymore.


If they needed to contact me to do it by mail.


As I looked around people were staring.  The “Fuck you” Look took care of that.  I just began browsing. I didn’t realize the costs until the casher said $40.00.  Oh man! I only bought a few things.


I think she may have overcharged me but I was to flustered to check.  It goes to charity any way. 

I went to the gas station and enjoyed the icy breeze.  I love the wind it reminds me of New York. i felt empowered at that moment.


I became one with the breeze and it blew harder.  I miss Wicca.


Anyway I went to Subway and the girl there was flirty. I mad sure my banded hand was showing and her interest changed.


She switched out with the other lady there even though there were no other customers. Obvious!  She was pretty for a girl. If I was a straight guy I would have went for it.  I know gross right. Any way I get home frazzled, just after being calm. 

Then Kenya threw up all over the couch.  Good thing is it was covered, bad news is it was just covered.  I just washed the damn thing.  Then the free lawyer called (Mike), he basically told me screw the mortgage company. Walked me through the response and to call back if when he got the next correspondence. I was not to speak with HSBC anymore except in writing. 

He also told me if FIS could not get me back working at a comparable salary to resign and collect unemployment. He also told me to respond to the SSI denial and wait. If they denied again, call an attorney, who should not charge me because they will include their fees in the settlement. Well great news for a formerly successful person who lost his mind working for the man.

The rest if the day was spent cleaning up and playing Assassin’s Creed 2. I really like it. Killing people has never been better. LOL.

I made the “Paula Deen Dirty Rice” Ben wanted for work.  Let me just say I will never cut up chicken livers by hand again.  I almost threw up until I thought about what would Michael Myers (for Halloween not Shrek) do.  He’d ignore the guts and enjoy the cut.  I took pictures:



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