Long day

I made an effort not to play games most of the day. 

I went to Wal-Mart after feeding the birds.  I kept Dallas and Kenya out with me to chase the squirrels away.  For once I did not step in dog shit.  Then I double checked my shopping list and realized the fucking cable box is driving me mad.  It keeps disrupting it’s own signal and all our saved shows are ruined.  I quickly disconnected it and put it in the car. On the way there I just did my best to stay focused and ignore the old people trying to drive. Do they not understand driving too slow is just as dangerous as driving too fast.


That driving in almost impassable packs that speed up when someone tries to pass is just as annoying as the jackass riding someone’s bumper. 

Anyway I try my best not to fall into the Wal-mart “Buy me I’m on sale!” trap.  Again people! “Get the hell out the way!”  If you don’t know what you want and people are obviously trying to get to the sugar “MOVE!” just “Fucking Move!”.  You’ll figure out that all sugar comes from the same places and it’s just a label. 

I left from there for Big Lots and Bright House.  Big Lots, OMFG!  They had 5 people there and one lady on the register. Oh yeah, better yet, 10 people in line behind me.  They just kept looking up at the crowd and pretended to be busy.  I was in line for 10 minutes and I was second in the line.  One guy was actually at a register and was telling everyone he was closed. “Dude! why the fuck are you standing there if you are closed! Idiot!  I was nice to the working cashier and said to her “I guess your the only one who knows how to work a register”. She smiled and said “I guess so.” and at the same time we looked at her coworkers behind her and said “Shit!” 

I was off next door to Bright House and there was a line. A long one, in the middle of the day.  Should these people be at work.  I know I wish I was at work.  Anyways that went smoothly.  Until I tried to leave.  Some dumbass parked their big giant POS Ford at a 45 degree angle so I could not get to my driver’s side door. 

I went in to the hair salon figuring it was the closest. No one there!  I went back into Bright House and go figure some dumb bitch with the biggest Coke bottle glasses I’d ever seen (who was next in line) did not understand the problem.  She was blind and oblivious.  she almost had an accident backing out so I could get in.  If you can’t see, don’t drive.

I did my 30 minutes on the stationary bike and dyed my hair.  Where did the day go?

Ben got a permanent position with FIS and I made a big dinner ala Cooking for Real. It took a long time but was delicious but it was so much neither of us could finish. Chicken in wine sauce, Spring salad and a little leftover garlic pasta that I doctored with fresh mozzarella. Now we are watching the Olympics.  I am so tired.


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