Boo Hoo – I think

Well I’ve been sick for the past couple of days and yet again I forgot I had a blog. I may need to add blogging time as an alarm on my phone. 


I saw my psychiatrist on Tuesday and he was talking more about himself than me.  He decided the dosage I was on was fine for now and I didn’t need to come back for a few months.  However, I have to pay for an appointment next week to do paperwork. 


I sent some DCF papers to work as I am not getting paid now and we are running out of food.  The declaration of loss of income is the last step.


I got served my foreclosure notice yesterday.


They guy was nice (contrary to what I’ve heard and seen) but he wanted names.  I told him he didn’t need that information. He gave me 2 copies and left. Now we need to find a lawyer.


We can’t afford a lawyer so I hope the small list of free attorney’s can help. One had a website that said there was a waiting list.  I don’t think it’s fair for a person in my condition to have to do this stuff.  It doesn’t seem real to me.  Oddly, I don’t know how I feel.  I should be upset by now or angry but I am just numb to the whole thing.

I found out I weighed 250lbs the  other day, so I made what I am calling “Brine Ribs” last  night. 


Oh I know classic fatty, but it was delicious.

I served it with bread and seasoned oil. I had Ben pick up a Greek salad from the pizzeria. 

One of Ben’s coworkers wanted my to watch her 2 year old so she could go to work. 


I told him no, because I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me.  I know she may be desperate but I wouldn’t let a stranger watch my kid if I had one.


Even professional daycares should be checked out. 

I passed out during Criminal Minds last night.


It was getting good but I’d been up since 1:00 AM. Besides I only watch it because of the Spencer Ried character played by Matthew Gray Gubler.  His character cracks me up and I think he’s cute. 


Ben likes Shemar Moore’s character Derek Morgan.  We like it when he tackles people. Hilarious! I just read he was raised Dutch.


Interesting, he’s more than just a pretty face. Also he’s my age.  Thank for making me look bad Shemar!


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