A few days

Yep a few days came and went so in no particular order:

Saturday Ben took Tahoe Taco to the vet to get his balls cut off.  Yeah! I’ll I could think of was after all that fucking cat has done, it’s about time I got some sort of sweet vengeance. I had therapy and it went OK.  Aaron was finishing up a letter for SSI and seems to think I could go back to work in time just not yet.  I would need to find a job that allowed little contact with people and a low stress level. He did say nursing or something that fit my needs to contribute to society would be right up my alley, in time. He seemed like he partied too hard last night though. He had “after club hair” and was yawning a bit.  I felt bad for him.  Surprisingly I was not annoyed.  He seemed more friendly and oddly more attractive. I guess one cannot be tense or intimidating when tired. 

I got a DCF card, a credit card, insurance renewal and more SSI paperwork today. I was ecstatic because I really need that food card,  I needed the credit card for medical, i though our insurance was cancelled and my SSI was denied.

My Auntie sent me an email to check up on me so I told her I was fine and sent her the link to this blog so she could know how I was doing.

I played Darksiders until Ben came home.  We went to the Chinese buffet on SR54 “to test the card” and got “3 for 20” DVDs at Blockbuster. 


Star Trek (2009),


The Hangover,


and G. I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (2009).


By the time we got home stuffed from dinner  all we wanted to do was relax in front of the TV.  We watched The Hangover.  It started out with odd character introduction but got better. It never really became great to me, it was just OK.  Maybe I was expected too much. There was a lot of hype about it being the funnies comedy of 2009, but there were not many good comedies in 2009 either. 

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday at Bonnie’s house. 

Pizza and commercials.  I played Dora games with Megan after Beth gave sprayed saline up her nose to clear out the clogs. 


Later Ben, his dad and I were some what watching the game and the ladies and kids were in the kitchen making cup cakes.  Ben had gotten up set because his sister and mom were making a big deal about moving ceiling fans. He over reacted a bit. I think he should be used to the fact that “Everything” is a big deal at his mother’s house. 

I actually started watching the game and picking things up along the way.  Suprisingly, I was not just checking out the men. I was yelling at the Saints’ inability to block.  We left before the 3rd quarter but they did win.



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