OK today full of mania and is going horribly.  After a rough sleep last night and following the normal daily things, I stepped in dog shit twice.


Dallas shredded napkins all over the floor (I think the cat set him up); he caught I lick for that. Kenya through up all the bird seed Ben swept up into a pile better forgot to scoop off the floor. Brown seedy goo all over my suede Air Walkers; she caught a lick for that.  I mean really? She was all nuzzling up on me and when I looked down she was puking for all she was worth on my shoe. 


After that I got the manic boost and started moving furniture.  I am exhausted but I can stop.  I’m she I will crash and burn soon enough. I moved Koober, the finches and the gecko to their new locations.  Everyone seems happier.  I don’t think will live the living room right away.  It took me a few minutes but I like it now.  Kenya is still running around like a chicken with her head cut off, and yes the do do that. 

I tried to play Guild Wars after I got my access info from tech support and could not focus.  So I tried Free Realms, same thing, I am too hyper right now.  I will get the laundry started I guess and take a look at the garage.

Just yesterday I was stressing because my shrink wants to charge me to fill out papers, HR says they did not respond to my email because it was forwarded to a specialist so it was her fault.  Hmm, I did not send the email to the specialist I sent it to my HR rep who should have responded. 


OK my arms are burning. Time to do something else.


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