Forgot I had a blog

Though that’s no matter, nothing really happened any way.  I actually had an average Sunday.  We didn’t go to Ben’s mother’s house like usual, because she was making pork chops on “Big Green Egg”.


Not her best dish.  In fact horrible would be the best description.  She can cook just about anything but pork chops.

I made a spiced braised turkey and roasted it for the last 15 minutes to get it brown. To go with, was ginger gravy and hasselback potatoes.


Ben made the potatoes they were good but too much garlic. The turkey but needed a little more salt. Then we watched the Grammy Awards.  Lady Gaga, Beyonce’ and Pink were show stoppers.  I loved Pink’s act the best. 

Yesterday I did some yoga.  I also found a lot of yoga videos on you tube I can use. I really like yoga but I have to be motivated. I know being motivated to relax sounds like an oxymoron but yoga poses take a bit of strength.


I made some lamb steaks last night and they were cooked perfectly.  I did keep hearing Chef Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen yelling at me in my head, “Is that lamb done yet! Where’s my fucking lamb!”.

We watched the Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie and it was better than we thought.  I had to get used to the was it was filmed. 


The TV show is not filmed in HD and the appearance was a little distracting.  David Henrie is not attractive in HD, the put way to much make-up on him to keep him looking like teenager.  Selena Gomez and the rest of the cast looked the same. 

Today I feel like I am having a stroke, today will suck. I have a head ache and it feels like everything is slow and my ears are ringing.


Every little thing is annoying me.  The lights, the animals, Ben, this blog.

Anyway, Dr. Kumar needs to return my Prudential paperwork, I also haven’t heard from Christina Hill either hopefully today.  I need to get paid the regular way or on unemployment. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.



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