Wii Bowling Victory Dance Wipeout – Watch more Epic Fails

Got up this morning about 10 minutes to five. Which is good for me, started my daily stuff I even washed the pet bird dishes.  The kitten keeps doing shit to piss me off.  He is scratching up important papers. Every time I try to catch him he takes off.  The dogs keep licking and licking.  I spray the big one on his itchy spots with bitter apple. It lingers in the air and now I have bitter apple in my mouth; oops.  Let me tell you, that shit does not come off easy.


The kitten insists on scratch up the papers so I move them and keep doing what I’m doing.  I see him out of the corner of my eye trying to get at the gecko.  I walk over to scare him away and he jumps down but just stares at me and starts licking his ass. Grrr. I picked him up and toss him away. 1, I was really pissed and 2, he likes to scratch and draw blood.  Anyway I toss him a bit harder than expected and he hits the bookshelf; oops.  He scurries away and hides.


I few minutes go by and I don’t see him.  He is hiding now.  I wonder if he’s injured. I’ll have Ben check him when he wakes up as the kitten is sure to run from me now or try and rip the flesh from my bones.  No I don’t feel bad for kitty as he is a pain in the ass. Worst cat ever!



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