Jan 28th Ho-hum

Gave cats treats, drank yesterday’s coffee and  fed birds. When it came time to feed dogs no big deal, except for my Boston Terrier, Kenya.


She ran into bed when she knew it was time to eat.  I got so mad I snatched her up and told her “I don’t have time for this bullshit” and put her in her cage with the food I just heated up for her.

Checked to see if any jobs were available at FIS, nothing I can do. Starting to wonder if I’ll even be able to do any job with my mind in such a state of confusion. I feel like I have a lead hat on this morning.  I was happy when I woke up but now I feel numb.  I wanted to do so much this morning but now….

My Boston ate all her food and I praised her.  Now she is asleep on Ben’s chair and the cockatoo is about to work my nerve, clanging all about.  I wish these animals knew how much noise they were making all the time.  It’s fucking annoying.

Maybe I’ll play The Force Unleashed for a bit.



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