Bushnell BFE awh WTF

We are headed to an animal auction, woo hoo! (enter sarcastic smirk). Ben says I have to be social and get out of the house per my therapist. Gee thanks Aaron. Anyway, Dave and Deb will be there so there will be lots of talking to listen to.

We’ll see how it goes. Maybe this lead hat feeling will go away today.


We get to Deb and Dave’s and it is all muddy and wet.  Sophie shows up and we all pile in her truck and drive for about and hour. When we arrive I am already on edge,  I figured I was going to stand out for sure.

Lots of animals and plant, it smells horrible. I got all panicky for nothing, no one seemed to notice me at all.  I read a few Grim Fairy Tales as the auctioneer droned on and complained every few minutes about not listening to the sale rules.

There was a cute red neck red head there he had a confederate flag hat on though. I was so bored, but I just myself busy reading.  In a bit Ben took me outside to get some fries.  They were OK, Ben said they were better last time.  He grabbed an insane amount of ketchup and he  just kept filling in the spot when it got low. It was kind of funny and cute at the same time.

After I bit I got too tired to focus and took a nap in the truck.  I barely remember the ride home. All in all it wasn’t too bad. I got to observe a new social group of people. I crashed as soon as we got home.


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